Training sources

Here are some links to Trainers that I have direct experience of and would therefore recommend:

I completed the NLP Coaching Certification programme run by Jan Elfline and Ian McDermott. You can expect to be part of a large group but the weekend courses are run with a large and extremely well experienced resource team. They are extremely efficient and run to a method that works.

Run by Julie Hay, AD International provide specialised training in Organisational Transactional Analysis and  Neuro Linguistic Programming. Julie incorporates supervision into her training, as this under-pins the training and makes the learning experience real.

Julie trains generally in small groups, her style is fun, engaging and challenging. Her books, which  provide endless examples for ‘training’ TA or NLP Models.

Not just a wondeful, magical place to experience – but a varied list of courses which invite us all to use stories. The art of storytelling has been around for ever, and it is now enjoying a place in business, as well as in talking therapies such as coaching or counselling. The Craft of Storytelling course, is a fantastic introduction to the world of story and opportunity.