If you know a graduate, or someone fresh out of school or college and looking for their first job, then career coaching is both timely and cost effective. Any steps that can be taken to increase the chances of finding employment quickly will be important, and Small seedling held in person's handpotentially extremely cost effective. Typically these are the areas covered, to help achieve that first position:

  • Evaluate working styles understanding values, beliefs and motivations. 
  • Assist in preparation of a robust and appropriate CV
  • Guidance through the interview process
  • Techniques for improving the chances of interview success
  • Practice interviews
  • Guidance on how to prepare effectively for Competency based interviews.

A scary statistic often quoted (source unknown) implies that you need to apply for 100 jobs, to get 10 interviews, to get 1 job.  In recent times this statistic is possibly erring on the optimistic side. Career Coaching can therefore be a truly cost effective investment at this critical time.

Professional Development coaching – when it really counts.