Blocks to a new lifeIf is often said that we have to make our career choices when we are too young to really know …  Some of our life decisions eventually influence us to want to proactively change our career. This therefore is a great opportunity to think carefully about how you can best prepare for and execute the change. Creating or re-visiting a Professional  Development Plan, creating and up-dating old CV’s and  sharpening up on interview techniques will help you make the change a success.

Sometimes we have no choice in when change happens, being made redundant is an example of this and can be an extremely stressful time. Thinking clearly is not always easy. So working with a coach at this time is an effective way of finding a clear route to your next role, or indeed roles, as, in today’s world the term ‘a port folio’ career is becoming more common and in many ways more desirable.

A common problem when approaching retirement is that it is so often not planned for – it just happens and a person goes from having a structure in their life to having none, from having responsibilities to perhaps having none and from having a specific reason to get out of bed – to possibly having no reason to get up. Planning for retirement in the same way you planned your career, may well provide the reason to get up and the desire to still achieve and develop.