Now … what’s important to you?

What are your beliefs and values?

So having thought about our DESTINATION GOALS I invite you to think about values. Your values and the things that are important to you. Because here we need to be honest with ourselves – and then possibly with others too.

These are often what provides us with the ‘WHY’ we want to do something – and they need to align with what we are asking of ourselves in pursuance of our DESTINATION GOALS. This might seem strange at first, but thinking about what’s important to you, in terms of your values and then extending this into thinking about your beliefs of self, others or the world in general will:

  • Check whether your destination goals feel right for you – maybe some of those goals that you set might mean you need to leave your values behind you to achieve them!!!
  • Allow yourself to ask the following types of questions of yourself. Is this really what I want? Will I have to change something fundamental about me, or the way I work? Do I really have a ‘cat in hells’ chance of achieving this goal in a manner that makes me feel good?
  • Think about whether your destination goals are things that you really want to achieve, rather than hearing yourself say words such as I should, I must, I feel I ought to … You know the sort of message that perhaps you hear as a negative voice in your head. If, in the long term you want to truly achieve your goals – then should, ought and must are just not that compelling.
  • Consider writing down your values & beliefs – and add to them as you become more and more aware of what is truly important to you…

Finally I would ask you to start getting curious about one word. The word is CONGRUENCE – and it’s a fantastic internal barometer for when something is living up to your value and belief system.

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