Managing your career in IT

Managing your Career in IT

In an earlier blog I concentrated on the merits of using SFIA (The Skills Framework for the Information Age) to help you understand the roles available to you in IT, as well as the skills, knowledge and experience required to work at a specific level of competency. This particular resource is extremely useful, whether you are someone wishing to break into IT, or if you are already working in IT.

If you want to develop your career, one further important resource is the BCS The Chartered Institute for IT. With over 70,000 members worldwide this provides tremendous membership and networking opportunities, such as:

  • Career recognition: With various levels of membership from Associate through to Chartered and Fellowship, your level of professional development is recognised.
  • Networking: A myriad of events at local and national levels are held, on all types of IT and business topics. Geography is often not a barrier as many events are held as webinars or similar.
  • Knowledge and best practice: This is a tremendous repository for all types of information, relating to old, new and emerging themes and technologies and business practices.
  • As a member you have access to membership of unto 5 Specialist groups. They exist for sectors such as Women in IT, Business Change or Leadership Development. Many of these are linked to LinkedIn groups, which, provide an additional level of answers, help, support and valuable debate.
  • You will find the BCS Recruitment portal too
  • Finally you have access to Books 24×7 – which is your on-line library.

I know it might look as if I am paid by the BCS, I am not, but I do believe in the need to continually raise the professional bar in IT. By being part of the BCS, then we are all helping this to happen. So if you are in any of the following roles then it would be worth some further investigation:

  • An employer of IT Professionals
  • An IT Professional
  • A student or learner
  • An academic
  • An educator or Trainer

Returning to the theme of managing your career in IT, there are many resources which will help you do so more effectively.

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