My Way

My approach to coaching

I start and end with the same words to illustrate My Way … Because sometimes the answer isn’t that simple…

As individuals we are just that … Individual … we are unique, no one is the same as us, we have never been before and we will never be again – we are delightfully unique! Rarely do we exactly fit a prescribed process – and so the journey that I embark upon with each of my clients is tailored, appropriate to their agenda and to their changing needs, as our journey progresses.

The same is true in Business. There are models and approaches that we use to effectively analyse, plan, improve, measure and monitor businesses and it’s performance. However businesses involve people, and these people are ‘key’ to the success of the business. Blending the ‘softer’ skills associated with personal, professional or business coaching with the ‘harder’ skills of business analysis, programme management or general management provides a truly holistic service. The epitome of Joined Up Thinking.

During my coaching sessions it is often appropriate to draw on ‘other’ skills, training or experience, offering this to the client in the form of mentoring, training, consulting or counselling.

Definitions for some are very important and to this end I offer you the following:

  • Coaching – to understand where you are now, to recognise and make informed choices, which will take you in the direction of your choosing – looking forward
  • Counselling – to analyse where you are now, and to seek understanding as to how and why you are as you are – looking backwards in order to face the future
  • Mentoring – to offer possible solutions based on valid experience from a position of subject matter expertise
  • Training – to teach skills in which I hold a level of competency
  • Consulting – to advise on desirable courses of action in order to meet client needs and expectations.
  • Facilitating – objectively, to guide the group to a desired outcome, ensuring engagement, buy in and commitment to the eventual outcome.

… and so ‘my way’ is to create an alliance with my clients, with strong contracting, to achieve their goals using a blend of skills, knowledge and experience … Because sometimes the answer isn’t that simple…