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Susanna Way – My Story

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Susanna Way

I have worked within the Financial Services sector for many years, and would describe myself as a business, IT & customer services professional. I have enjoyed success in many areas, including the following:

  • Managing staff/teams of 100+ people in both IT and customer services functions
  • Building award winning customer service provisions
  • Delivering high value, successful business and IT solutions
  • Motivating and managing people either individually or in teams
  • Developing people through effective professional development planning and monitoring
  • Coaching people to achieve their desired outcome
  • Designing, managing and delivering organisational change programmes
  • Working with on-shore and off-shore technical teams

In delivering business solutions over many years I recognised that the more I could engage with people whether they be staff, peers, customers or leaders, the more we succeeded – and success bred success! An exciting part of My Story was beginning to be written, and included:

  • Training in Transactional Analysis (two years in Clinical and three years Organisational)
  • Training in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coaching accreditation)
  • Embarking on a wonderful journey into the world of stories and poetry
  • Taking time out to learn Mindfulness techniques and incorporating these into my lifestyle.
  • Continually integrating these ‘new’ approaches into  leadership of self and others

If you are curious to know how my story is un-folding and how a story such as The Eagle and the Chicken has touched my heart then please read on.

I have many people that I can thank for being part of my ‘My Story’ – here are a selected few:

  • Julie Hay, who helped me to make sense of Transactional Analysis and realise how it could be effectively and usefully applied to the organisations where I was employed for the 5 years duration of my training.  I also completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner qualifications with Julie. An amazing time for me.
  • Ian McDermott and Jan Elfline, from International Teaching Seminars (ITS) with whom I trained in NLP Coaching.
  • To some incredible storytellers who shared their skills and passion for storytelling – nourishment for the soul. To Roi Gorrel at the School for Storytelling, Emerson College in Forest Row for teaching me the craft of storytelling. To Geoff Mead (Centre for narrative leadership) , Nick Owen and William Ayott for showing me how to skilfully apply stories. To David Whyte for awakening in me a love of poetry and for illustrating how beautifully this can be woven into creating those magical moments of change and realisation.
  • To those Professional Organisations that are working to raise the professional standards of coaching and NLP. To the Association of Coaching in the UK, for my time on the UK Council, and especially for all of the new Co-Coaching Groups that we set up during my time, I felt I was able to make a contribution to the profession. To the BCS, with whom I worked on the Learning and Development Specialist Group. Follow this link to the read the series of blogs that jointly produced with Jooli Atkins, inspired by John Kotter’s  Managing Change work.
  • To Ed Halliwell for opening my eyes to Mindfulness.
  • I also owe a great debt to my corporate life in Financial Services, IT and Customer Services. For my work ethic, my values around working hard, but with integrity & the myriad of skills learned and practiced I can directly attribute to my many years in these areas.