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How to plan a successful year

7 Successful steps to planning a GREAT YEAR Now here’s my one pager on how YOU can plan for a successful year – not just how you can create a perfect plan. There is a subtle difference.  Taking the following … Continue reading

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Ripening on the Vine

Is NOW your time to harvest? David Whyte is a corporate poet, he works in large multi-national corporations by reciting poetry and telling amazing tales of his life in places as diverse as the wilds of Wales and glories of … Continue reading

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So who cares whether you do it or not!

Accountability in Personal Coaching This is another Step which follows on from making clear destination goals and from setting measurable, manageable and (most importantly) motivational short term goals. Now it is time to share your plans and thoughts,

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Little Steps …

Planning effective short term objectives Now you have your long term goals fixed, you can set about getting short term activities which align to your destination goals, delivered over a period of your choosing. I call this ‘little steps’

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For today and only for today…

A tale to tell Here’s a tale for our time which tells of a man who had been walking in the desert for so long that he could no longer remember where he came from, he was truly lost & … Continue reading

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Key ingredients to reaching your life or business potential

Skills, knowledge and experience inventory Some of us may have made a big shift in our careers to choose a different pathway, to start something completely new or to progress more quickly along our original route. In this latter case … Continue reading

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Now … what’s important to you?

What are your beliefs and values? So having thought about our DESTINATION GOALS I invite you to think about values. Your values and the things that are important to you. Because here we need to be honest with ourselves

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Start with the end in mind Some of you might recognise these words as relating to Stephen R Covey’s 2nd habit, in his massively successful book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people? I suggest that you need an end … Continue reading

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It started with a KISS…

How to plan and do something different! I thought that might get your attention! But I wanted to grab your curiosity in a way that would also illustrate one of my core beliefs around learning new behaviours. K.I.S.S. is an acronym that those steeped in corporate … Continue reading

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