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An attitude of gratitude

Thank You! These past couple of weeks have been amazing. I have seen so many examples of sporting inspiration, people like

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Ripening on the Vine

Is NOW your time to harvest? David Whyte is a corporate poet, he works in large multi-national corporations by reciting poetry and telling amazing tales of his life in places as diverse as the wilds of Wales and glories of … Continue reading

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RAG Feedback

Effective feedback with just 3 simple questions What should I STOP doing? What should I START doing? What should I CONTINUE doing? Here are 3 simple questions which work effectively when seeking feedback from yourself, your clients, your customers, your … Continue reading

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Find your voice

The 8th Habit – Stephen R Covey Having enjoyed the previous 7 habits or Mr Covey Senior,  I was keen to listen to his 8th habit. I was not, and still am not disappointed by the in-sights that he shares, … Continue reading

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The power of feedback

Powerful feedback principles: Seeking, hearing and then reflecting on feedback is a very powerful way to learn. It is particularly powerful when we are looking to improve

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