Career Coaching Tip 1

Career Coaching Tip 1

New Careers or starting overWhatever point you are at in your particular career journey, it is important to firstly craft a CV which sells ‘you’ in the best & most effective manner. CV’s are still an important tool in your ‘Career toolkit’.

I want to relate a story to you, which is something that happened to my daughter only within the last month. She was visiting Sydney, Australia hoping to secure a nursing position in a large city hospital. She went armed with her CV and walked into the main reception area explaining what she was looking for and requesting to be directed to the HR Team.

The receptionist exclaimed “but that’s so 20 years ago – haven’t you looked on the website?!” My daughter persevered with the receptionist, who finally relented and sent her to sit outside of a (seemingly) closed HR Department.

Eventually someone appeared and was able to help her, by taking her to see one of the wards where a suitable position was soon to become vacant. She spent time with the nursing manager of that particular ward, who was impressed by her, the fact that she had made the effort to seek out employment, and have an up to date, hard copy CV. The nursing manager took her CV and pinned it to her noticeboard. Front and centre.

So sometimes, a hard copy CV, available at an opportune moment, presented with enthusiasm and passion and supported by the owner of the CV is worth its weight in gold.

My daughter however does not need to wait to be contacted again, as she was offered her perfect role, from her 1st interview, in another of the top city hospitals, which she had attended the day before.

I’m a very, very proud mum. I’m also indebted to her, for a wonderful anecdote, which I can offer to you, as proof that sometimes it’s not just about electronic this and that, it can be about engaging with people, making efforts to decide where you want to work and then going for it!

Congratulations Gemma!

In Career Coaching Step 2, I will detail the things that I think it’s important to include in your CV. I also offer a package approach for you, if you are at the start of your career, as well as professional development packages, which will help you take charge of your career on an on-going basis.


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