Are you aiming in the right direction!

Commented attributed to John Lennon

Commented attributed to John Lennon

A simple Question, or so you would think, however it is one that we so often forget to ask of ourselves, on a regular basis. Of course it’s not quite as simple as that – we do need to break it down a little into these three small questions:

  • What is my long-term goal?
  • Are my short-term steps taken me in the right direction?
  • What adjustments are necessary?

We all need a long term goal, it acts like our ‘north star’ – it means that no matter what happens on a day to day basis to take us off track, we know where we are heading and this can then orientate us back in the direction of our choosing.

You see my big concern is that if I am not broadly going in the right direction I could, be moving in completely the wrong direction!

Choice for me is the important point here, as it gives me the opportunity to assess my options, consider their advantages and disadvantages and then to make a reasoned decision and stick to it!

I have to laugh at myself sometimes for forgetting these simple messages, but I guess it’s like saying that Doctors make the worst Patients! Being a Coach (of whatever flavour) doesn’t mean that I am immune to sometimes forgetting to apply the ‘obvious’ to my own life and business.

There is one thing I would add however … I have these words permanently on display – I think they are attributed to John Lennon – and they remind me that sometimes ‘life’ does come along and bring new gifts, which we have to assess, manage and choose to do something with. In my case this was definitely true when I first launched myself into a coaching career, which I thought would only take me in one direction, but do you know something – Life is what happens when we are busy making plans – and sometimes these gifts can be magical.


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