Welcome to Way More Than

Way More Than was created in order to combine my skills, knowledge and experience of managing and delivering successful business programmes with those of coaching, mentoring, consulting and therapy.

Often described as ‘hard’ skills and ‘soft’ skills, I know that the real secret to success is in possessing and applying a ‘blend’ of both. This will deliver the most effective results. This is true whether it be in a corporate setting, working with teams of individuals or in working with people who have their own agenda.

So here’s some of the ways in which I can help you:

Social Media:

I was a total Social Media cynic, but not anymore. I see the advantages (and recognise and manage the disadvantages). I am not slavish to it, and I practice a human touch when helping others to leverage the benefits of Twitter or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is for people in business, wanting to be in business, working or hoping to work. If you are looking for work then LinkedIn is the place to not only ‘be’ but to ‘engage’, it is, in some professions more important than having an up to date CV. At the very least it is important to maintain a LinkedIn Profile that complements your CV.

Twitter is a way of allowing people to get to know you or your company, it builds communities of followers who have shown an interest in you or what you do. Of course it’s not the same as having a face to face meeting, but it is a series of short snippets of information that tell your followers about you, what you like, what you believe in and allows your followers to get a fairly accurate picture of you.  It builds rapport in short, sharp bursts of 140 characters. Think of it as an excellent networking opportunity.

Professional Development:

I work with individuals at all points on their Professional journey. This is relevant to anyone who wishes to manage their careers, at whatever stage they find themselves. It could be right at the start of a new career, or when a career change is either desired or imposed and ultimately this could be  when looking to change your career into ‘retirement’ – paying attention at all stages to ensure that it is YOU that remains in control of YOU.

With Professional Development Coaching,  it’s not all about looking at this when one is out of work and in a vulnerable position, it is far more preferable to manage your career from within an existing role. This means being clear about what skills, knowledge and experiences can be gleaned from your existing role, to prepare you for your next. This is true proactivity.


Good coaching calls on choosing appropriate skills and applying them at the right time to achieve the best outcome for my clients. A holistic approach honours my client’s particular agenda and is tuned to solving their issues, creating their goals, building their actions based on their choices and honouring their beliefs and values.